Shoulder Roller Bars (Set of Two)


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Crafted from .5” induction-hardened Chrome-plated 1045/50 IHCP bar, our Shoulder Rollers boast a Chrome plating thickness of .0005. The rotation of these hardened Shoulder Roller Bars during bending effectively decreases friction and tonnage, leading to diminished part marking and reduced stress on both tooling and machinery.

This innovative design results in a notable up to 20 percent reduction in the tonnage required for a bend.

Furthermore, the hardened Shoulder Roller Bars can be effortlessly replaced without necessitating the removal of the entire tool. This not only significantly minimizes maintenance costs but also virtually eliminates the need for Die refurbishing and replacement, providing a cost-effective and efficient solution for your machining requirements.

Buy our Shoulder Roller Bars today!

Tool Equip is proud to offer top quality Canadian made Roller V Dies at an unbeatable price!

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12 Inch ($42.00), 24 Inch ($64.00)


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