Tool Equip is proud to offer top quality Canadian made Roller V Dies at an unbeatable price!

The strategic rotation of Tool Equip’s hardened rollers reduces friction and tonnage, achieving up to a 20 percent reduction in the required tonnage for bends.
With meticulously designed “V’s” at 60° and 82°, Tool Equip ensures superior Springback management. The Roller V dies come in lengths of 12″ and 24″, offering adaptability and precision for diverse bending needs.

Each die is made of P20 Pre-hardened chrome-moly tool steel and tempered to approximately Brinell hardness 300/HRC 30 and can have various tangs for fixing on to the lower bench.

The .5” induction hardened Rollers are made of Chrome plated 1045/50 IHCP bar. The Chrome plating has a thickness of .0005.