2 Inch 82 Degree Roller V Die


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Our 2 Inch 82 Degree Roller V Die will let you stop slowing down your Press Brake Tooling process. V Dies with replaceable shoulder rollers are the perfect tool for extreme wear conditions like heavy plate and abrasive materials.

The hardened rollers can be replaced without removing the entire tool which significantly minimizes maintenance costs and virtually eliminates the need for Die refurbishing and replacement.

The rotation of the hardened rollers during bending decreases friction and tonnage, resulting in reduced part marking and less tonnage on tooling and machinery. The tonnage required to perform a bend is reduced by up to 20 percent.

The “V’s” are at 60° and 82°For better Springback management and come in lengths of 12” and 24”.

Each die is made of P20 Pre-hardened chrome-moly tool steel and tempered to approximately Brinell hardness 300/HRC 30 and can have various tangs for fixing on to the lower bench.

The .5” induction hardened Rollers are made of Chrome plated 1045/50 IHCP bar. The Chrome plating has a thickness of .0005.

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12 Inch ($600.00), 24 Inch ($1,200.00)


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